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Snagged from e_juliana.

What do you first remember seeing on TV?
Probably the Sandy Becker Show, a locally (NYC) produced kids show from the fifties. He played Looney Tunes and other cartoons. There were a whole bunch of hosted kid shows back then. WNEW had Becker in the evenings, "Uncle" Fred Scott at lunch time, and Wonderama with Sonny Fox on Sunday mornings. All had Looney Tunes, Our Gang shorts, and a few other independent cartoons. WPIX had Chuck McCann (Popeye and Casper cartoons) and Officer Joe Bolton (Three Stooges). WOR had Claude Kirschner's Terrytoon Circus with Terrytoons and Crusader Rabbit (the forerunner of Rocky and Bullwinkle). Howdy Doody and Romper Room were on, too.

What book do you first remember reading?
My First Reader (or something like that) in first grade. The first book I owned was The Cat in the Hat. The first chapter book was The Wizard of Oz.

What movie do you first remember seeing?
I think it was Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

What play/piece of theater do you first remember seeing?
A performance of Pinocchio at my grammar school.

What is the first major world event that you remember?
Gary Powers getting shot down over Russia.

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