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Greetings from New York

Arrived last night in the middle of a massive downpour, and had to park a long block away. Remember that scene from The Goodbye Girl? That was me trudging though Queens with my bag.

Today was spent exploring the subway system with msbelle, jesseh, and Tom S. while taking a trip out to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. to look at cheap books and superhero supplies. Almost picked up a can of anti-matter, but it was a bit too pricey at $7.50. Afterwards, we had lunch, and then trekked around Brooklyn looking at various places of interest to one of us. I was fascinating. We are currently waiting for fresh-baked pie, then later tonight is Mets-Braves at Shea. Yay, fun!

Harvested three (3) cherry tomatoes yesterday, bringing the grand total to six (6).

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