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Get Your Frelling Hands Off My Team!

So, I decided to see how the Dodgers had done the last couple of nights, and there on mlb.com was a picture of Nomar Garciaparra wearing a Cubs uniform, the first I'd heard about that bit of news. I was going to talk about that trade a little bit (I'm not seeing a lot of benefit for the Sox other than getting something for a player who was probably going to walk at the end of the season), but I decided to see if the Dodgers had done anything so I took a look at the transactions page.

Now, they list the deals in reverse chronological order, so the first thing I saw was the deal where the Dodgers got Steve Finley and a backup catcher from Arizona for three minor leaguers. Dave Roberts went to the Sox for a PawSock outfielder, which made sense with Finley coming over. The next one was Tom Martin going to the Braves for one of their minor leaguers and cash. Huh. I didn't think much of Martin, but getting rid of him for cash? He was supposedly your number three reliever. Wow, Paul DePodesta, the rookie GM, was pretty busy this weekend, wasn't he?

Then I saw it. LoDuca, Mota, and Encarnacion to the Marlins for Hee-Seop Choi (who?), Brad Penny (huh?), and minor leaguer. Now lemmee get this straight, Mr. DePodesta. You just traded your all-star catcher, your number two reliever, and a starting outfielder for a handful of fucking magic beans?!? Choi seems a decent prospect, but in Penny's last ten starts he's 2-6! What the fuck were you thinking about, Mr. DePodesta?

Apparently, the story is that DePodesta had a four-way deal set up that would've brought both Finley and Randy Johnson to LA from Arizona, along with Charles Johnson from the Rockies to replace LoDuca. For whatever reason, rather than try to coordinate it all, Doogie decided to do the Marlins part of the trade first. The thing is, when he then went to the Diamondbacks to complete the deal, they figured they had him over a barrel so they demanded the Dodgers' two best minor league pitching prospects for Randy Johnson. Doogie refused the attempt at extortion, so no star pitcher. Meanwhile, back in Denver, Charles Johnson decided he didn't want to play for the Dodgers again, and exercised his no-trade clause, so no first string catcher, either. Fortunately the Diamondbacks were nice enough to toss in Brent Mayne, a journeyman catcher, so the pitchers have someone to throw to. What an incredible clusterfuck!

And then there's another story out there that they were never really going after Randy J. in the first place. It seems that the Dodgers' new owner, Frank McCourt, is in default on a parking garage he owns in Boston. He needs cash. The Dodgers just dumped a lot of salary, and even got some cash back in these deals. McCourt tried to buy the Sox a couple years ago, but MLB decided he didn't have the resources to do it. Is he selling players so he can keep his parking garage? That would really suck.

The most bizarre comment I saw on the whole thing was that Doogie DePodesta actually said that having Mayne(.253, no power at all) and Ross (.169, no power) gives Jim Tracy more options behind the plate than he had before, when he was stuck with that guy who went out there every day and hit .301 with 10 homers. It's unbelievable. LoDuca was the team leader, and he's gone. The bullpen, which was the reason they have the third best record in baseball, has been gutted. Mota was a great setup man for Gagne, and is going to be missed a lot. Up until Saturday night, the Dodgers were 45-0 in games where they were leading after seven innings. After Saturday night they were 45-1. The club had great chemistry, and DePodesta has seemingly destroyed it.

The Dodgers did win today, 2-1 on Ventura's pinch hit homer in the twelfth. Gagne pitched three innings and got the win. Dreifort got the save. This does not bode well.

The last time I was this angry about a trade was when some idiot at Fox (it wasn't even the GM) traded Mike Piazza, the best hitter the Dodgers have *ever* had, to the Marlins (always the Marlins). At least that idiot managed to get Gary Sheffield (who is an absolute cancer in the clubhouse, but a great hitter), and the aforementioned Charles Johnson. Ironic, as usual

The Sox gave away another game today on a bonehead play. It's not often you see two runs scored on a sacrifice fly.

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