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flea (casperflea) was in MA for a visit, so Saturday I trekked up to Boston for a picnic on the Commons with the flea-kin and a few of the Somervillains. Baby Casper is the most adorable baby in the entire world. After lunch on the lawn, we walked around Beacon Hill a little bit, stopped to gawk at John Kerry's townhouse, and looked at some antique Chinese china. We then made our way back to the Public Gardens, where Casper became even cuter by virtue of sitting on one of the little bronze baby ducks near the duck pond. She's truly a lethal cuteness bomb. After that, we wandered over to look at the ether monument, which is truly a strange thing. Casper was getting a little tired by that point, so we decided to pack it in, and headed our separate ways.

Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous, so I celebrated that fact by sitting in front of my computer all day obsessively setting up a custom league in High Heat Baseball 2002. And I do mean obsessive. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon creating uniforms for a non-existent team that I want to use in the league (the New York Knights, the team in The Natural).

In garden news, a harvested a single, teensy cherry tomato on Saturday. It was something like 3/8" in diameter. That brings the year's total to seven. There are a lot of tomatoes starting to ripen, both cherry and full size. I suspect I'm going to be knee-deep shortly.

Today is a holiday here in Rhody (Victory Day), but we don't have the day off. OTOH, it's nice driving to work when there's absolutely no traffic.

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