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Friday Five

Poached from fridayfiver

Fair Weather Friends

1. What is the worst weather you have ever experienced?

The Blizzard of '78. It was a massive nor'easter with near hurricane velocity winds that shut down the state for a week. A bunch of people died, and I was lucky not to be one of them.

My comprehensive exam for my masters degree was scheduled for the end of the week, so I planned to spend that day (a Monday) at home studying. The weatherpeople were all predicting a big storm, but they had been predicting big storms every couple of weeks that winter, and most had fizzled, so no one was paying them any mind. The snow started falling mid-morning, and by lunchtime it was coming down pretty hard. My wife came home for lunch from her job at Town Hall, and I tried to talk her out of going back in for the afternoon, because I was sure they were going to close down early. She assured me they'd never close down, because the Town Manager lived right around the corner from the Town Hall.

Of course, she didn't want to drive in that weather, so I gave her a ride back to work, and then figured that as long as I was out, I would stop to pick up some milk on the way home. As I drove home from the convenience store, a car slid through a stop sign at an intersection directly in front of me. I tried to stop, but the road was too icy, and I skidded into right it. Fortunately, I wasn't driving that fast. No one was injured, and both cars were still driveable. I got her insurance info, and headed home. When I got there, the phone was ringing. It was my wife, calling to tell me that the Town Manager had closed the office, and could I please come get her. I told her what happened, and told her she might be safer staying put until the roads were cleared. Fortunately (again) since she worked at town hall, she was able to hitch a ride home on a snowplow.

It snowed well into the next day. We got more than 2½' of snow where we lived. The Governor closed all the roads in the state for the week. Not that it mattered to us, because it took almost a week before our street was even plowed. Meanwhile, I still had that pesky comprehensive exam scheduled for Friday. I called my prof, and since I only lived about a mile from campus, I decided to walk in rather than reschedule. It turned out to be fun. They were doing snow sculpture contests on campus, and there was a huge snow dragon sleeping right outside the Chemistry building. All the extra time to study helped. I passed the exam easily.

2. There are a series of hurricanes heading towards the continental US right now. Authorities have issued mandatory evacuations for several areas, yet some people are refusing to budge. Do you think it is right that the police are allowed to make arrests in this case? Do you think you should be allowed to stay with your property?
I would probably evacuate.

3. "Poaching" has been described as the act of intentionally pursuing an individual in an already committed relationship. Have you ever poached? Would you ever poach?
Never have. Never would.

4. Who should be blamed? (The person who poaches (home wrecker)? Or the mate who strays?)
I think both poacher and poachee should share the blame. I'm not really sure blame really matters at that poit, does it? It's a huge betrayal.

5. Are certain people "fair weather friends" \? Or deep down, are we all fair weather friends to someone in our lives?
I think people who are fair weather friends tend to get reclassified as acquaintances. As to the second part, I don't know. I think if you are a fair weather friend, it wasn't much of a friendship in the first place.

What a very strange grouping of questions.

It also turns out there's thefridayfive, another way to satify your Friday meme requirements.

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