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Ever get in one of those moods where even though you have plenty to write about in your journal, when you're actually sitting in front of the computer you just can't bring yourself to start? That has been me a lot lately. This week has been particularly eventful, yet when I plop myself down in front of the machine I do anything to avoid writing. Mostly, that avoidance takes the form of hitting the refresh key on b.org a lot, followed by cycling through my friends lists to see if anything new has been posted. Sigh.

There is lots to talk about. The biggest event was Nilly's visit to Boston, with the accompanying sightseeing, which I think I'll talk about a little later.

The garden has provided me with scads of tomatoes of various types. The only ones I actually kept track of as I was picking the other day were the cherries (because they're little) and the Jubilees (because they're yellow). There were also some Celebrities and some Northern Exposures. I've had to chuck a few into the thicket because of rotting, along with one absolutely gorgeous Beefsteak that a rabbit had decided was part of the buffet. One weird thing. I always plant one yellow tomato plant, thinking how cool yellow tomatoes are, and then come harvest time I always resist actually eating them because they look wrong. They taste just like red tomatoes, but my mind resists.

Meanwhile, the lawn needs mowing badly.

I've spent the last couple of evenings searching for a new office chair. My old chair collapsed Sunday due to metal fatigue in one of the flanges that connect to the seat post assembly. The old chair is a comfortable high-backed leather office chair I got at Sam's seven or eight years ago, so not really that old, and the rest of the chair is in perfect shape. Great upholstery, crappy metal. I'll take a look at repairing it somehow, but meanwhile I need something better to sit on than a camp chair. Staples has a very similar chair for $79, which is better than I expected, but I was thinking I'd actually prefer cloth to leather (or leather-like covering), leather being sticky in hot, humid weather when you're sitting at the computer in shorts. Unfortunately, the only cloth chair I saw was a terrible color, a sort of purplish red. They also have some massage chairs starting at about $100. Hmmm.

The Dodgers won last night, salvaging a split with the frelling Expos of all teams. Weaver got another quality start (21), but he wasn't what you would call sharp. Still, considering how bad the rest of the starters have been in the last week, I'll take anything at this point. The one bit of good that has come from the trade is that Steve Finley has hit a ton (.378) since coming over. The hitting has been way better than earlier than in the season. It needs to be.

Still dealing with assorted aches and pains, including a couple of blisters from walking all over Boston Tuesday. I also had my leg start to cramp up on me Tuesday while we were walking, such that I had to stop and massage it a bit before we could continue. That did the trick, and it hasn't bothered me since, but it was weird. My lower back has been bothering me some, as well, although I'm wondering if that's related to the lack of flexibility I've been experiencing in my left hip lately. I basically seem to be falling apart.

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