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Main Entry: swel·ter·ing
Function: adjective
: oppressively hot
August seems to have saved up all it's August-like weather to inflict upon us this weekend. It is miserable out, hot, hazy, and humid. Although to be fair, it's not as hot as it could be. It hasn't even cracked the nineties here. I am spoiled by the moderate summer.

And yet I was productive, despite the swelter. I mowed the lawn, which truly was in need. It had been a couple of weeks, and the grass was very high and lush. So high that I had to adjust the height of the mower to it's maximum, and even then there were patches of grass that choked it. I did manage, though, and the lawn looks quite spiffy this morning. Now I need to think about trimming the shrubs that surround the house, as they have also been neglected, and are getting a tad out of control.

I picked some more tomatoes, and decided to make fresh tomato soup out of them. Mind, this isn't necessarily the brightest thing in the world to do on a miserably hot day, but what am I supposed to do, let the tomatoes rot? The soup is easy peasy, from an old Frugal Gourmet recipe. Peel, seed, and chop six tomatoes, saute them (which given how much water they release turns into "stew them" rather quickly) for five minutes, and add a couple cans of low-salt chicken broth. Simmer twenty minutes, use a hand blender to puree everything together, pour through a strainer to catch any remaining seeds, and serve. Actually, I just let it cool down a bit and stuck it in the fridge for another time. It was too frelling hot to actually eat hot soup.

After that, I went over to Staples to get a new office chair. I saw a black fabric-covered one that I'd overlooked the first time I went, and it was only $40, so I bought it. As I was assembling it, I discovered that it uses exactly the same swivel mechanism as the piece that broke on my leather chair, so I'm going to write to the manufacturer to see if I can get a new mechanism for the old chair. I also took a look online, and there is an outfit that sells the part, although they want $25, plus about $10 shipping and handling. For $40 I can just get another fabric chair, and save the cushions for the invariable day when the cushions on the one I bought yesterday start to fray.

In between all the hot, sweltery stuff, I sought refuge in the air conditioned comfort of the back room. I've just about finished Wicked. More on that later today. Maybe. I've also been watching Guys and Dolls, which I picked up the other night at BJ's as part of a two-pack with Some Like It Hot. I like G&D. It's such cheesy fun, plus there is Brando saying "I would consider it a very great personal favor." Heh.

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