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So, last night I finally figured out how to make High Heat Baseball do what I want it to do, i.e., be able to simulate an entire season using teams drafted from a group of classic players (as opposed to the current players that came with the game) without the game crashing. I was testing my theory out last night by playing a series between one of the drafted teams and the 2001 Chicago Cubs. The Cubs got beat 2-0, 17-0, and 13-1. Now the 2001 Cubs were not a great team, but they were a decent club, and I was a little amazed at the lopsidedness of the scores, especially the 17-0, thinking it a little unlikely in real life.

Of course, real life has a habit of being stranger than fiction. As I was sitting having breakfast this morning, I checked the scores from last night. Cleveland absolutely shellacked the Yankees, 22-0. It was the worst defeat in Yankee history. Sheesh. The Yanks have some serious problems. Their pitching really, really sucks.

The Dodgers took two out of three from the Mets, and beat Arizona last night in extra innings. Tracy juggled the rotation, moving Weaver into the number one slot, and Weaver responded by giving up only a single run in eight innings last night. The bullpen seems to be settling down some. The starting pitching is still iffy. Penny may not be back this year. Alvarez got bombed in his last two starts, and got hurt besides, so Nomo comes off the DL to take his place in the rotation tonight. We'll see. Lots of big series coming up down the stretch, two each with St. Louis, the Padres, and the Giants.

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