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Free Association During the Sox Game

Bronson Arroyo looks seventeen. He also looks vaguely like Kirk Cameron, which reminds me that the Seaver's next door neighbors on Growing Pains were the Koosmans, one of the best baseball related in jokes ever. He also brings to mind Luis Arroyo, the closer for the '61 Yankees, who looked nothing like Kirk Cameron.

Mike Andrews was in the booth talking about his work with the Jimmy Fund. While playing second base for Oakland in the second game of the 1973 World Series, Andrews made a costly error in the top of the twelfth which allowed the Mets to tie the series. After the game, the owner of the A's, Charlie Finley, tried to deactivate Andrews, saying he was injured, which Andrews denied. There was a huge outcry, and the commissioner rescinded the deactivation, allowing Andrews to play the rest of the series. The incident was the last straw for Dick Williams, the A's manager, who resigned after the season. The best part of all this was that there used to be this one Mets fan who would show up at every home game with a bag full of clever, professionally drawn signs that he would stand up and show at appropriate moments of the game. The first time one of the A's made an error in the first game back at Shea, the fan stood up with a sign proclaiming "You're fired!" in big friendly letters.

By all rights, Mike Scioscia ought to be managing the Dodgers, not the Angels. From 1954 until 1996, the Dodgers had exactly two managers, Walt Alston and Tommy Lasorda. The O'Malley family liked stability, and always promoted from within. When Lasorda started having health problems, they named Bill Russell, who'd spent his entire career with the Dodgers as a player and coach, as manager, and everybody expected him to be the manager for another twenty years. Then the O'Malleys sold the Dodgers to Fox. Russell got fired midway through his third year (after two second place finishes) with the team mired in a slump following the trade of Mike Piazza to Florida (it's always Florida) for a sack of magic beans. A Fox executive made the trade, bypassing the Dodgers' general manager entirely. Pillock. Anyhow, Mike Scioscia (another career Dodger) was doing a good job managing their AAA team at the time, but rather than promote him, Fox went for a "name" manager, Davey Johnson (who had no connections with the Dodgers at all), who proceeded to finish second, then third before he got fired. Pillocks. Meanwhile, Scioscia was winning a World Series with the Angels.

Bengie Molina is in worse shape than I am. God I love baseball.

Vladimir Guerrero is such fun to watch, and I'm glad he's out of Montreal so people can actually see him play. Tonight he did his best impression of Dwight Evans's catch off Joe Morgan in the '75 Series as he leapt towards the bullpen to snag a ball off the bat of Dave Roberts, then planted and fired a rocket back to first to try to double up the runner at first. The only difference between Guerrero's catch and Evans' was that Guerrero's throw was a skosh too late to catch the runner.

What is up with the baggy uniforms a lot of the Sox are wearing? Orlando Cabrerra's uniform looks like it's three sizes too big for him. It looks terrible.

The Angels just activated 43 year old Andres Galarraga, the Big Cat. Good for Him.

The guys who walks around the stands interviewing people ran into the Little League team from Lincoln, RI, that went to the Little League World Series this year. When I was a kid, my dream was to play in the Little League World Series. Okay, it wasn't televised back then, but it was played in a stadium, with actual fans and stuff. So cool. I remember reading the inspirational story of a team of poor kids from Monterrey, Mexico, that won two consecutive Series in the late fifties, and I wanted my shot.

One thing I never understood back when I was in Little League was why our season ended at the end of June. It made no sense to me. We played from April to June, but once school was out and we had all this free time, organized baseball shut down, and we were reduced to playing three-on-three. You know how hard it is to get eighteen kids together for a pick up baseball game? When I got older I figured it out. The season had to end in June so that they could choose an all-star team, and go through all the preliminary tournaments leading up to the LLWS. Four hundred kids are told to go play in the streets so twenty other kids can have a shot at the Series. That makes tons of sense. Adults always screw things up for kids.

If your going to demand everybody stand and honor America while someone sings "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch, at least find someone to sing the song who can actually carry a tune.

The Sox are really hot right now.

Nomo came out of the Dodgers' game down 3-1, but he didn't pitch that badly.
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