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I'm so Tired

The one thing wrong with my office is that neither A/C nor heat actually come out of the vent in the ceiling. When we eventually had someone look into the problem, they said it was because there were just too many twists and turns in the duct work between the A/C unit and my little corner of the building. It's worst on sunny days in the summer, when even with the blinds drawn it gets up to about 80° in here, and on cloudy days in the winter. In the winter I can wear a sweater. On hot sunny days I just have to deal. When it gets really hot, I often find myself getting drowsy.

Now then, this morning I finally decided to see a doctor about my back, which has become much more painful over the last week. It's been about a month now since it started bothering me. I can't link it to anything that I did. I just woke up one morning and the lower right side of my back hurt. I did aggravate it hiking in Maine, and it's gotten progressively worse since. There's always a dull ache there, but movement often results in shooting pains in the area, too. This morning it got to the point where I had trouble standing up. (I've been treating it with ibuprofen, but forgot to take any before I went to bed last night, which may explain why it hurt so much this morning.)

So I went to treatment center, and the doctor gave me prescriptions for a pain killer and a muscle relaxant. The muscle relaxant is already making me drowsy, and my office is like an oven, so I fully expect them to find me face down in my keyboard later this afternoon.
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