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Scott Kazmir of Tampa Bay reminds me very much of Ron Guidry. Not facially, but he's about the same height and build, his mannerisms and motion are similar, and he sure can bring it like Guidry. He's only twenty years old, and could become a great pitcher. And the Mets gave him away for peanuts because they thought he was too small to be effective.

He managed to get ejected tonight from the Sox game for accidently hitting Millar one batter after deliberately plunking Manny Ramirez. Which shows you how stupid the whole retaliation thing can be. It started when Bronson Arroyo accidently hit Huff in the knee, injuring him enough that he had to leave the game. Then Arroyo may or may not have deliberately hit Tino Martinez in the same inning. Jerry Remy, the Sox broadcaster, seemed to think it might be deliberate, but I can't imagine why Arroyo would be going after Tino in that spot. Shrug. In the next inning Kazmir, who to that point hadn't given up a base hit, plunked Manny in the leg in retaliation for the Tino hit. The umps warned both benches at that point. Then Kazmir hit Millar, which put the umps in a spot. It was pretty clear it was an accident, but the warning had been given, so both Kazmir and Lou Piniella were ejected. Retaliating cost Tampa Bay their best starter. The Sox are pounding Tampa Bay at this point.
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