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What a craptastic day outside. It's rainy and windy and nasty. I'm assuming this is the remains of Jeanne rolling up the coast.

The Dodgers made an amazing comeback last night. They went into the bottom of the ninth down 4-0. Chacon struck out Saenz to start the inning, but then walked four consecutive batters. 4-1. Harikkala replaced Chacon, but Werth hit a two-run double, and Finley followed with a single that knocked in the tying and winning runs. Game over, Dodgers win 5-4. Patience and timely hitting are wonderful things.

The good - Kaz Ishii returned from his exile to the bullpen, and pitched brilliantly, 1 run on two hits over 7 innings. When he's on, he's a very good pitcher. Unfortunately, when he's bad, he's awful, and there doesn't seem to be any middle ground with him.

The bad - Milton Bradley made an error that led to one of the Rockies' runs. That was okay. Then some chucklehead in the stands threw a plastic soda bottle at him, which landed at his feet. Bradley, who has a hair-trigger temper on his good days, went over to the stands and slammed the bottle down onto the concrete. No fans were injured, but the umps ejected him for this, and he will probably be suspended. I think the most surprising thing is that the fan threw the bottle. Dodger fans are notorious for being laid back. Plus, Bradley was the hero the night before, and has played well this season, so I don't know why they were getting on him.

The Sox outfield continues to amuse. Last night it was Millar who got a notion to try to throw a runner out at first on a line drive single to right. I'm not sure if the hitter was dogging it and Millar saw an opportunity for an easy out, or if Millar was just trying to be cagey by throwing it befind the runner as he made his turn, but what he wound up doing was throwing the ball way over the head of Mientkiewicz. The ball was eventually retrieved by a very surprised Doug Mirabelli as it rolled along the wall behind home plate.
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