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Baseball Thoughts

* The Dodgers did far better than almost anyone expected this year, including themselves. The big trade was still a huge mistake, though. It's tough to win games when your catchers are hitting worse than your pitchers.

* I'm currently watching the Astros crush the Braves, which is good. I've always liked Biggio as a player. He's also another guy who went to Seton Hall. It's hard to believe he started out as a catcher. He's now playing his fourth different position since coming up (C, 2B, CF, LF). Bagwell deserves a shot, too, and Beltran is an amazing player. Plus, I hate the frelling Braves.

* I know it probably isn't true, but every time I hear the tomahawk chop chant it makes me think that every single Braves fan is a fucking redneck. Interesting teams and a great manager, but the chop, Skip Carey (the least impartial announcer there is), and TBS constantly promoting them as "America's" team have pretty much turned me off of them forever.

* Ken Caminiti died today at age 41. He was a pretty good ball player, and was even MVP one year, but he had a lot of demons. Alcohol, cocaine, and steroids shortened his career, and probably his life. Such a shame.

* Houston got 17 hits tonight. The Astros are a great story. They were absolutely dead at the All-Star break, but apparently they were only mostly dead.

* The Yankees and Dodgers led their leagues in come-from-behind wins. It's easy to see why. Both teams had mediocre starters offset by terrific bullpens.
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