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Man, what a nasty night in St. Louis yesterday, cold (in the forties) and misty. Brrrr.

The game opened with Craig Biggio facing Matt Morris, both out of Seton Hall. The only other ex-Pirate in the majors this season was Jason Grilli, who had a cup of coffee with the White Sox.

The Cardinals won it 6-4, and there were six home runs. Carlos Beltran hit another one for Houston, his sixth of this post-season. He's a free agent after the season. What a salary drive he's putting on. Rolen broke out of his slump in a big way with two homers for the Cards.

They were talking about how big Beltran's glove is last night. It's huge, possibly illegally huge. There's a length limit for gloves. It's also light gray, which I've never seen before. They also showed that despite playing in the outfield the last few years, Biggio is still using an infielder's glove, which is shorter and wider than an outfielder's glove. They main difference in practice is that an outfielder's glove gives you a little extra reach, while an infielder's glove makes it a little easier to find the ball once it's in there so you can get rid of it more quickly. I suppose Biggio is just more used to the smaller glove after playing second for so long. (I preferred the shorter glove when I was playing, but I rarely played the outfield. You just get a better feel for the ball. When I played first, I used a first baseman's mitt for the extra reach, which I really needed given the arms of the guys who were throwing to me, but I always felt more awkward fielding grounders and popups.)

Useless trivia: Only the first baseman and catcher are allowed to wear mitts. Everyone else must wear a glove, even though they still occasionally call them fielders' mitts.

There was some weirdness in the Astro fifth. Biggio was on first when Morris made the most blatant balk ever. Then, after Bagwell walked, Berkman lined over Pujols, whose mitt flew off about twenty feet into the air as he reached for it. If the mitt had hit the ball while off his hand, it would've been an error, and everyone gets two bases. Later, Pujols made a great play on an attempted sacrifice bunt, charging pell-mell towards the batter so he was only about forty feet away when the ball was actually hit. If the batter swings away it's a good way to lose teeth. He got the runner at third, and they came within a whisker of doubling up the batter as well.
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