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Bulbs and Pizza

Spent the day alternating between cleaning and playing Railroad Tycoon 3. I did take a quick trip to pick up some flower bulbs. I last did this four years ago, mostly tulips with a few daffodils, but most of the tulips died off after two years. This time I went with roughly equal numbers of each, along with a package of crocuses. I prefer tulips to the others, but daffodils and crocuses are a lot harder to kill. The ground is still pretty soggy after last night, so I'll do the digging tomorrow.

I've finally found a place that'll deliver pizza way out here. It's even New York style, and is way better than pretty much all the other pizza joints around here. The best part is that the first time you order, they store your address in a database indexed by your phone number. All you have to do is hit speed dial, say "I want a pizza", they look up your address based on caller ID, and pizza arrives half an hour later. Ain't modern life great?

Damn, Carlos Beltran is amazing. He just parked another home run for the Astros. That's seven so far in the playoffs.
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