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The bulbs all got planted yesterday, which involved much digging, bending, kneeling, shoveling, raking, and tamping down, but despite it all my back was only stiff, rather than sore when it was all done. I found most of the old bulbs, and replanted them along with the new, so the bulb patch should be abloom with color come spring. In theory, anyway.

The back does seem to be less sore when I wake up in the morning. That's a good thing.

The Sox finally won one from the Yanks. Took twelve innings to do it, and I was asleep when it finally happened. Apart from a couple of Yankee base running miscues, it was a well played game. Derek Lowe pitched well in what may have been his final game with the team, and the Sox finally got some clutch hits when they needed them. Pedro goes to night on short rest against Mussina.

The Astros tied their series with the Cardinals on yet another Beltran home run. Scott Boras must be licking his chops at the salary demands he can make on Beltran's behalf this winter.
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