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Not one, but two amazing baseball games tonight. I was mostly watching the Sox-Yankees, which the Sox won in the 14th inning. Great game, every inning a nail-biter. Ortiz drove in the winning run for the Sox for the second night in a row. Meanwhile, down in Houston, the starting pitchers were each throwing one-hitters, a counterpoint to all the scoring that had gone on previously in the series. The only scoring came in the bottom of the ninth when Jeff Kent hit a walk off three-run home run.

I was too caught up in the games to take a lot of notes. veejane has a great description of the Sox game here. The game was so long that the blimp ran out of fuel and had to leave. Wakefield finally had a game where his knuckler was working. It was so good that Varitek was having a terrible time catching it. The game turned on a couple of things. When Pedro Martinez tires, he loses it quickly. He pitched well for five innings, but the Yanks wore him out in the sixth. On the other side of it, Mariano Rivera is no longer a mystery to the Sox, either, especially at Fenway. That's two blown saves in a row for him. The other thing that has hurt the Yankees in both of these games is something that didn't seem to be a big deal at first, John Olerud getting hurt in game 3. Tony Clark, his replacement, has been completely overmatched in his at bats, and he's stranded a bunch of runners. His bat just looks slow. McCarver mentioned that he a great off speed hitter. That's because he can't catch up with the fast ball any more, Tim.

McCarver really does seem to be mailing this one in.
Tim McCarver: This year in the National League, only one player batted over .300 while being 0-2 in the count.

Al Leiter: Who was it?

McCarver: I forget...
(It turned out to be Shea Hillenbrand)

By the time the Sox game was over, the Cardinals and Astros, who started three hours later, were in the eighth. The Cardinals are probably talking to themselves at this point. The best team in baseball is not supposed to be one-hit by a rookie. Now they're down 3-2, and they know that Roger Clemens will be pitching game 7 with Oswalt in the pen.

Tonight, the Sox are apparently going to go with Curt Schilling trying to do his best Willis Reed impersonation. They've got nobody else. If his ankle fails, it's probably all over.

OTOH, God does seem to be rooting for the Sox. Remember, the only reason Pedro was able to go last night was because of Friday's rain out. It's raining today, too. Is the Almighty stalling for time?
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