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Spent Saturday trying to be social after a long layoff. There was a bon voyage party at pix_kristin's house for billytea, who's on a farewell tour of this country before returning to his native Oz. theodosia drove down a little early, and we saw The Incredibles before heading down to Connecticut. The party was fun. There were Muppet Show episodes and Singing in the Rain to watch, two kinds of pie, and a puppy to play with. Can't beat that.

The Incredibles is hugely entertaining, and neat to look at. The story is funny, with a far more adult oriented theme than you find in most films marketed primarily for kids. . It's about middle age, and the pressure to conform to the humdrum. The hero, now (mostly) retired by government edict, says at one point "They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity."

There are all sorts of little homages and connections to assorted comic books and science fiction movies.

- The Incredible family is almost a perfect match for the Fantastic Four, powers-wise. I was thinking that Dash should've been able to burst into flame, but later the baby bursts into flames, so it's all good.

- Frozone is a direct steal of Iceman, even to the point of traveling by way of ice bridges with no apparent means of support. Very cool, that. They swiped Cyclops, too, in the form of Gazerbeam.

- As soon as Buddy said "You need a partner," I thought of Tim Drake.

- The killer droids reminded me a bit of the machines in War of the Worlds, mostly because of the glowing thing it used for an eye. The various rocket ships were inspired by ships from classic SF movies. There was also a chase through the forest that came right out of Return of the Jedi.

- The bits about monologuing were priceless, as was Edna's spiel on why superheroes shouldn't wear capes.

- I kept getting a strong Powers vibe from the movie. Powers is much darker, of course, but the style of artwork is similer, and both explore the private lives of "powers" or "supers."
I expect that I'll probably hear Holly Hunter's and Craig T. Nelson's voices in my head for Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker when I read the book from now on.

- Once I figured out that Elastigirl was voiced by Hunter, I kept half-expecting to hear her say "Things have chaaaaanged" in her Raising Arizona voice. Probably for the best that she didn't.

it's a great movie. Go see it.

Sunday, it was Indian Summer all over again. I made lasagna, and put back together a drawer from one of my dressers that had fallen apart. I also have lots of little projects to work on for Christmas, most of which are, ummmm, left over from last Christmas (or even before). For a change, I'm actually thinking about them before the week before they need to be done. Maybe I'll actually finish some of them this year.
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