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Crisis in Identity Crisis

So, Identity Crisis #6...

Ray Palmer is the killer? The Atom? They expect us to believe that Sue was killed as part of some twisted attempt by Ray to get back together with Jean?

The thing is, ocvictor and I already had a conversation about the two main revelations over in his journal.
Me: What if it's a hero gone bad. A lot of no-return lines are being crossed. Sue is dead. Jack Drake is dead. Firestorm is dead. Boomerang is dead. What if it isn't Calculator, but Oracle. What if it's J'onn? He could do it. Is there a hero who could've had their mind messed with in the same manner as Light?
Remarkably prescient, that, on both counts, even if I did finger the wrong guy.
ocvictor: The gum in the works is, of course, the conflicting memories of the Dr. Light smackdown--Dr. Light thinks Batman was there, Elongated Man obviously doesn't rememember it that way. So, whose memory is correct, and why is the other's wrong. Does Batman remember being there?
Apparently not.

Here's the thing. If Ray is the killer, then the whole Dr. Light thing is another red herring. That is going to be hugely annoying if true. Another annoying thing if true would be the Roger Ackroyd style mislead of having the murderer act as narrator for parts of the story. Meanwhile, most of the League seem to be concluding that Boomerang committed all three murders. Huh? That makes no sense at all.

To be honest none of it makes any sense anymore. I'm expecting a world of disappointment next issue.
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