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It's the Simple Things...

...That make life worth living. Like good fried chicken. I am a huge fan of Popeye's fried chicken. Unfortunately, places where I can satisfy my cravings for it have been few and far between in this neck of the woods. I mourned when they closed the only outlet in Rhody maybe fifteen years ago. My only chances to enjoy the yummy goodness of a spicy two-piece came on rare trips to NOLA or Florida, or at the Kennebunk service area on 95 in Maine.

Well, at long last Popeye's has returned to the Ocean State. Providence, to be exact. Not as close as it could be, but given my fondness for the fare that's probably a good thing. It's close enough to drive, yet not so convenient that I'll be there every week. Went up there for the first time tonight. Woo Frickin' Hoo!

(Which reminds me of a chicken joint that used to be in Newark, just down the road from the Hall on South Orange Avenue, called Frickin' Chicken. We never stopped there, but we shoulda. I'll bet it was great.
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