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Crappy weather, quiet weekend. Despite my best intentions of just lounging about, I even got some stuff done. Saturday was spent in the basement, working on a project that I had to put aside last year because I'd damaged one of the pieces through incompetence. I managed to fix the part that I damaged, and cleaned it up and sanded the pieces. Okay, it's a little shorter than the original design, but the proportions may actually be a little better now.</huge rationalization>. The hardware I bought for it last year turns out to be unsuitable for what I want to do, though, so I need to make a side trip to Woodcraft to get something better.

The other thing I worked on was a wooden lighthouse I got when we divvied up my late aunt's belongings last year. The top part, where the light would be, had come unglued. I glued it back together, with the addition of a dowel to add some structural strength to it. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. It's about 16" tall. My original thought was to place it out by the tomato patch. Unfortunately, it looks like it's made out of pine, and the interior has no paint or other preservative whatsoever, so it wouldn't last long outside. It's really too big to be displayed in the house. Maybe if I ever build a porch.

Sunday I finally got around to finishing hauling books down from the attic to put on the bookshelves. I think I've got pretty much everything down, including boxes that have been packed for upwards of fifteen years or more. Initial conclusion, I really own a lot of Asimov.

There is nowhere near enough room on the shelves for all the books. I'll address part of that by culling a lot of them. Some of the culling will be easy. One of the first things Nutty said to me as I was showing her around my place way back when was "You belong to a book club, don't you?" in reference to the piles of identically sized books on the staircase up to the attic. It's true. I'm also absent-minded, so I've often gotten books I wouldn't of ordered on my own. Sometimes, it works out. I got Varley's Red Thunder that way, and enjoyed it a lot. I got my first Garrett collection that way, and I've since read the entire series. OTOH, I've also gotten a pile of Star Wars universe books which I shall never read. Likewise the piles of Tolkein ripoffs. Those are headed for greener pastures. There are also a lot of hard cover technothrillers by Tom Clancy wannabes that I've read, but have no intention of reading again. They can go, too.

Then again, some of the culling will be very hard. Do I really need to keep The ELIAS Baseball Statistical Yearbooks for 1986-89 inclusive? All of the information is on the web now, and yet I still haven't been able to convince myself to let them go. The same goes for that second-hand copy of the Columbia Encyclopedia.

The other thing I have to think about is what to do with all the paperbacks. A lot of those will be culled, too, but do I really want the remainder in the same bookcases as the hard covers? My original thought was to keep authors together, regardless of cover, but it just looks odd. In my old apartment, I built a separate bookcase for paperbacks. It was about half the depth of a standard bookcase, and it fit perfectly in my hall. I still have it, but I don't really have a good place to put it. i suppose I could do something similar.

I'm going to need more places for books anyway. What I really need is some motivation to start working on the living room. I'll have most of the week after Christmas off, so maybe I can get a start on it then.
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