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Stupid Broken Internet

HostRocket is down, which means the Phoenix is down, so I have little to amuse myself with just now. I've already played games of Bejeweled, and Descarte's Enigma, and Conquest. Bored now. Bother.

Went for a walk up to Dry Bridge after dinner. It's clear and crisp out, and there's a full moon, so it was a nice night for a walk up the very dark road to the bridge. Got there just in time to see an Acela train zoom past underneath. Well, not exactly underneath. When they electrified this portion of the rail system, they erected these godawful corrugated metal barriers on every bridge along the right-of-way to prevent people from look directly down on the tracks. I presume it's some sort of misguided attempt to prevent vandals from dropping stuff on the catenary wires, but they never seemed particularly worried about people being able to drop cinder blocks onto the diesels prior to electrification. Now one can't just look off into the distance down the tracks unless you're in Kingston, because the barrier on the bridge next to Kingston Station is made of clear acrylic. So stupid.

As I walked about the neighborhood, I noticed a couple of houses with Halloween lights up in their windows. I could tell they were Halloween lights because they were orange, except for the one guy who had a set of orange in one window, and a set of green in the other. Do green lights signify anything other than Wal-Mart was out of orange? The phenomenon doesn't seem to have reached my part of the neighborhood yet, but given how much my two across the street neighbors do up their yards for Christmas, I figure it's only a matter of time.

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