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One of These Things Is Not Like the Others.

It's a lovely day outside. So there I am, sitting in the truck at lunch with the window rolled down, reading my book, and I hear the sound of a jet engine. I look up expecting to see a corporate jet taking off from the airport, but instead it's one of the Blue Angels banking into a tight turn a few hundred feet off the ground. It disappeared behind the trees, and minute or two later I caught some glimpses of it on final approach to the runway. I drove over to the base, and there it was sitting on the tar-mac next to the RI-ANG's clunky old Hercules transports, it's bright blue and gold colors standing in sharp contrast to the drab grey camouflage of the C-130s. It's #7, the back-up. I have no clue what it's doing here, a Navy plane at an Air Force facility. The next air show isn't until June.
Tags: aviation, serendipity

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