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Last weekend, while rooting around through the piles on my desk, I came across a couple of gift cards I got from my brother last Christmas, so tonight I was at Home Depot looking for something to buy. What I wound up getting was a Black & Decker Mouse, a nifty little detail sander. It came with a bunch of different little sanding and polishing pads, and I had all sorts of fun sanding things with it while I was waiting for Lost to come on. Very neat.

In baseball, the Dodgers signed Ricky Ledee <yawn...>. Just what they needed, another part-time outfielder. Still, it's early in the trade season. The winter meetings start Friday, and that's when most of the action is expected. There have been a few trades and signings over the last couple of days, but no blockbusters. The biggest baseball news is the Rockies voiding Denny Neagle's contract ($19M over the next two years) because he got caught paying a hooker $40 for a blow job. The owner is making noises about taking a stand for family values and such, but everybody knows that if Neagle had been pitching well, there's no way he'd have been let go. It just gives the Rockies the perfect opportunity to dump the enormous salary of a guy who hasn't thrown a pitch in a year and a half. Anyway, for $19,000,040.00, that had better have been the best blow job ever.
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