Thursday, December 9th, 2004
10:01 pm - Hot Stove  
The Dodgers signed Jeff Kent, which should be a pretty good pickup. He's still got a decent bat. The question is, where do you play him? If he plays second, you lose Cora's glove, but improve the offense a lot. People are saying that if Beltre goes elsewhere, Kent could play third. Or he could play first. Still need to see what other moves are made. Still desperately need a catcher who can hit better than his weight.
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Veejaneveejane on December 10th, 2004 - 11:54 pm
I think you cannot have Kent unless he pledges to shave that execrable mustache. It just looks silly on him.

What was with letting Steve Finley go? He was practically the only Dodger I knew by name.
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DXMachinadxmachina on December 11th, 2004 - 02:37 am
One of the commentors over at Dodger Thoughts said that Kent is the only Cal Berkeley student to ever go on to become a redneck.

I can only guess that Finley, at age 39, wanted either more money than they were willing to pay, or more years on the contract than they were willing to go. Really, Kent is the replacement for Finley. He's three years younger, and he's coming off a slightly better year than Finley had.

I'm more bothered by the fact that they let Jose Lima go, which makes no sense to me at all. It's not like they're knee deep in starting pitchers.

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