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Song Meme Answers

Y'all got 12 outta 20. Here are the ones no one got.

1) I said move over once / Move over twice / Come on baby, don't be cold as ice
"One After 909" -- The Beatles

7) She's broken all the superhearts of the superheroes of the galaxy / So why does she want to mess around with me?
"Beautiful Zelda" -- The Bonzo Dog Band

8) And so you see, your Honor / It was all in fun
"Wasn't That a Party" -- Tom Paxton

10) Whatcha gonna do when your wife finds another / Takes the kids and the car and half of the house
"Thinking It Over" -- John Entwistle

13) Over the sift, / He goes all round it past the end of his shift; / I make him leave he lets me know he feels miffed, stiffed.
"Bow Wow" -- Fiery Furnaces

15) Watching the fish up at the lake / It was lovely till your mother caught us.
"Grizelda" -- Yo La Tengo

19) Detroit was smoky grey / Nothing like the good old days
"She Was Hot" -- The Rolling Stones

20) I drew the blade across my wrist / To see how it would feel
"Round and Round" -- The Strawbs
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