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Snerking Amidst the Ashes...

From Dodger Thoughts:
Remember 2003...
...when a significant portion of the Dodger offense in a given game depended on whether Mike Kinkade would get hit by a pitch?

Kinkade is returning to the United States via a minor-league contract with Cleveland. He played for Hanshin in Japan’s Central League this past season.

"Slowed by a concussion and broken left hand," Anthony Castrovince writes on MLB.com, "Kinkade played just 26 games and hit .233 with three home runs and seven RBIs. He was hit by 12 pitches in that brief span."

Checking out his stats, I find that Kinkade had 212 at bats for the Dodgers in the two years he was with the team, and got hit 22 times. That's once per every ten at bats. By comparison, he only walked 17 times. Gotta love a player who'll take one for the team.
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