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They Should Film That and Play it Every Christmas

I've been complaining about the Christmas blues, but something nice did happen to me last night. I was in Newburys doing some Christmas shopping. Apparently, I'm in that store often enough that the evening manager now recognizes me, at least enough so that she'll say hi when she sees me. Last night I was walking through the aisles with a pile of stuff under my left arm, a puzzle, some DVDs, a boxed set, and a couple of toys, when she saw me and asked if she could get me a basket to carry the stuff. The pile wasn't too awkward, and it was easy enough to carry, so I thanked her and told her not to bother, and I continued looking around. About ten minutes later I was looking at some DVDs when she caught my eye. As I watched, she went over to the stack of baskets, grabbed one, and brought it over to me. Okay, not exactly a Christmas miracle, and really, I really didn't need it, but it was nice of her.

Most of my shopping is done. I still need to get something for my soon-to-be-going-to-college nephew. I'm also toying (hah) with the idea of going back to Newburys to pick a couple of radio controlled fart noisemakers that would amuse my two nine year-old nephews for hours, and annoy the crap out of baby!sis and SIL as a bonus gift with purchase. What to do? What to do?
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