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Ring Out the Old...

It was a bad year, like a lot of others I've had lately. That doesn't mean there weren't good moments, and last night was one of them. Didn't really do the NYE thing, but veejane and I went out early and had an extravagant dinner. I had perfectly grilled venison on a bed of chestnut spaetzel, and it was marvelous. Vee had some kind of bass, and seemed equally impressed. Afterwards we split a bottle of champagne with her flatmate, et al., and watched a silly movie. Called it a night around 10 pm, and I headed home to ring in the new year on my computer.

Slept in this morning, then spent much of the day playing Commander Keen, and totaling up the books I read this past year.

No resolutions this year, because I did so badly on them last year. The last thing I need is to pile more guilt upon myself.
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