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One More Baseball Item...

Over at dodger_thoughts, they were discussing a LA Times column about Shawn Green by Tim Brown, not so much about the content, but about the writing itself. There was one line that I liked a lot:
He [Green] is a good man whose price got too high, whose swing got too measured, whose bat got too unpredictable. The best players in the game, Beltre, for one, were getting $13 million a year, and Green, sadly for everyone, hasn't been one of them for a while.

Yeah, it looks like Green is gone, traded for two prospects who won't even be ready for prime time for at least another year, and the Dodgers will be picking up $8M dollars of Green's salary next season. My first thought is WTF? I'm sure Doogie views it as freeing up the other $8M of Green's salary for acquisitions, but most of the quality players are gone. Yeah, We picked up Kent and J.D. Drew, and Kent will likely be playing out of position. Drew has talent. He's also a dick. An injury prone dick. (Drew was originally drafted by the Phillies, but refused to sign with them, saying some very unflattering things about the organization and the team in the process. He later signed with the Cardinals. The first time the Cards came in to play the Phillies, Curt Schilling, then with the Phils, offered to welcome Drew to Philadelphia, with particular emphasis on giving him a worm's eye tour of the dirt in the batters box.) We still have no catcher, at least none that can hit major league pitching. We're putting a guy at first (Choi) who has was absolutely terrible once he put on the Blue. The pitching rotation consists of Penny, Weaver, and Pray for Rain. Color me unimpressed.

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