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Back to the Grind

Back at work after a sick day. I am still feeling dopey, sneezy, sleepy, and perhaps a few of the other dwarves, as well. The cold drifted down to my lungs Tuesday night, so I took my usual cough regimen (20 mg dextromethorphan + 800 mg guaifenesin) before I slathered Vicks all over my chest and went to sleep. The problem was that I stupidly didn't bother to check the little gradations on the dose cups that come with the cough syrups, relying instead on vague memory, and actually wound up taking twice as much of everything than I should've. All the extra expectorant really did a great job of loosening up the lungs, resulting in me coughing up huge amounts of nasty stuff all night, with not much sleep in between.

When the alarm went off, I decided I was in no shape to even try to work, and went back to sleep. When I finally got up, and started medicating again, I figured out what I had done. This time took the correct dose. Actually, it all seems to have worked out, because I do feel somewhat better today, and despite the fact that I'm still coughing a little, it's not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I think the overdose of guaifenesin actually helped a lot by ridding my lungs of so much junk so quickly.

In the meantime, we had a snowstorm, and there's about four inches on the ground. I so didn't feel much like shoveling this morning, but it was fairly light stuff, so I was able to just plow it out of the way with the shovel, as opposed to actual shoveling. I'm ready for spring.
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