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First Lines Meme - It's All About the Weather...

Swiped from just about everyone - the first (complete, unlocked, unquoted) sentence from each month of 2004:

* * * * * * * * *

So, I made three resolutions last year.
In a weird bit of synchronicity today over at b.org, hecubot mentioned that he thought I would like some of John Entwistle's old solo albums, and that I should check them out.
The weather really has been lovely lately.
It has been raining cats and dogs and ferrets and hamsters the last couple of days, and it's still threatening today.
So, the last few weeks have been all about the noir.
The Dodgers seem to have righted themselves, winning three out of four, although they lost to Milwaukee last night.
I have been seriously hating Bill Gates and the Microsoft programming staff lately.
So, I decided to see how the Dodgers had done the last couple of nights, and there on mlb.com was a picture of Nomar Garciaparra wearing a Cubs uniform, the first I'd heard about that bit of news.
So, last night I finally figured out how to make High Heat Baseball do what I want it to do, i.e., be able to simulate an entire season using teams drafted from a group of classic players (as opposed to the current players that came with the game) without the game crashing.
Okay, maybe I exaggerate.
It was a little early in the season, but we got a dose of Indian summer yesterday.
Wow, what craptacular weather we are having today.

* * * * * * * * *

So, do we see any bad habits here?
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