Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
4:30 pm - Huh?  

You Are 28 Years Old


20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

I think their algorithms need a little tweak.
Current Mood: youngish
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Katie M.katie_m on January 12th, 2005 - 01:33 pm
Heh--well, I got exactly the same age, which is dead-on. So clearly, you're just young at heart.
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gchickgchick on January 12th, 2005 - 01:56 pm
Dude, I'm 28 too!

Which is, you know, wrong. But still -- we're clearly the coolest.
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DXMachinadxmachina on January 12th, 2005 - 02:20 pm
Yes, clearly. Go us!
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Jonquil Serpyllumjonquil on January 12th, 2005 - 01:58 pm
I'm 26. As-frelling-if.
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DXMachinadxmachina on January 12th, 2005 - 02:21 pm
I'm pretty sure choosing banana splits over tiramisu did it for me.
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burrellburrell on January 12th, 2005 - 02:57 pm
Heh. Probably. It said I was 27, which seems random to me.

Plus it's answers were all off. I mean, take the one about the secret. It didn't have the obvious answer of "I don't share other people's secrets, except with my spouse. It's the marital privilege."
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DXMachinadxmachina on January 12th, 2005 - 03:21 pm
There's that. For me, I think the assumption that people who live alone would be the same age as people with roommates.
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Ro-Astartero_astarte on January 12th, 2005 - 02:10 pm
Get Offa My Lawn!
All you youngstas...
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Jessalterjess on January 12th, 2005 - 02:12 pm
<points and laughs at the young 'un>

The quiz told me I was 33. How oddly specific.
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fatoudustfatoudust on January 12th, 2005 - 03:16 pm
Ha. I was coming in to flaunt that I was older than DX, but you're the same as me! Go us!
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Hel Virago: Legshelvirago on January 12th, 2005 - 03:33 pm
I was 27 (yay!). Mind you, they seem to equate "liberal" with "young and naive" so that may be part of it...
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DXMachinadxmachina on January 12th, 2005 - 03:42 pm
I went with "liberal, but starting to worry about taxes."
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