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Drum Roll Please...

I hereby declare the bookcase project officially finished. This very day I have sorted through, grouped, and arranged neatly on the appropriate shelves, the last of the books that are destined for the bookcases. Not only that, I even found my stash of autographed baseballs, and put them up the shelves, too. I consider it quite the accomplishment considering I started this project just over two years ago, and actually finished building the cases more than a year ago. It's like my own personal Big Dig. They should should give me a Nobel Prize in procrastination, when they ever get around to awarding them.

I spent quite a bit of the day going back and forth to the attic, because I kept coming across caches of books that I hadn't brought down yet. The most egregious of such finds was when I noticed that I only had one of Norm Abrams' New Yankee Workshop books amongst my pile of woodworking books. Now I knew I'd bought several of his books, so back upstairs I went to poke around. Yup, there they were, tucked away on a shelf behind a file cabinet, along with a couple dozen other woodworking books that I'd completely forgotten about. Yes, I might just have a book problem...

There's still a little room for a few more books on the shelves, so that's good. There are still a few things that need to be addressed. I've got boxes and boxes of culls that I'm going to have to figure out what to do with. And then there are the paperbacks. There wasn't enough space for all the mass-market size paperbacks I have, plus they would have looked a bit out of scale in these bookcases. What I need to do is build some smaller versions of the cases to hold them. I'd probably only need one or two. But that's another project.


I really like Corelle dinnerware a lot, if for no other reason than it's usually pretty sturdy. However, when a piece does break, it frelling explodes. I just managed to drop a dinner plate, and it shattered into a gazillion fragments. Sigh, down to service for six on my twenty year-old set.
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