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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Went for a walk after Firefly. It's cold, dark, and windy out, all of which led to a huge adrenalin rush when a tree blew over in the woods adjacent to the particularly dark stretch of Dry Bridge Road I was walking along. Startled the bejesus out of me.

Unfortunately, the startlement was the best part of the walk, because the rest of the time I was just moping about stuff. Walking alone in the dark gives you way to much time to think about stuff, which is fine if you're at all cheerful, but not so much otherwise. Having an overactive imagination doesn't help much, either, if you give it the opportunity to examine your worst fears relatively unfettered. Bleah. A lot of the mopeage is probably attributable to the time change. I hate leaving work after dark. Plus I think I'm coming down with something. I'm coughing a lot, and I'm pretty sure it's not asthma. I'm sniffling a bit, too.

Firefly was sort of fun. Espenson episode, so there was lots of good quippage, although I didn't like the main plot as much as most people seemed to. Tomorrow I get to do the last mow of the year, and I'll but the mower and grill away for the winter. Then I get to hop in the truck and head down to NJ for Mom's birthday party. If I'm not laying in bed hacking my lungs up, that is.

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