June 23rd, 2002


Another Nice Day

Lots to do today. I'm re-installing Win98SE on Speedy, I need to do some more testing on the BuffistaCorp game for Bil, and there's work to be done on the garden. I also want to take a ride on the bike path. I wanted to do that yesterday, but my plans were foiled by thunderstorms in the afternoon. Yesterday was hot (mid 80's), hazy, and humid, and the storms dropped the temperature by about ten degrees, so they were welcome. I did manage to get the grass cut before they came, so no worries there.

Now I'm Tired

Two laps of the bike path, about eighteen miles, and I'm feeling it. The right knee started bothering me early, and was really stiff when I finished. It's gotta be tendonitis; it doesn't hurt any other time. Very hot, hazy, and humid, and there was a cross wind, so I got to fight the wind in both directions. Still, it's better than sitting around like a lump.

Got Win98 reinstalled on Speedy after a couple of false starts. Installed the OS, installed the Intel MB drivers, installed Norton Utilities and optimized the swap file, and installed the video drivers. Some confusion because after I installed the Intel MB drivers, the autorun feature on the CD-ROM drive stopped working. I thought maybe I had done something wrong, so I wiped the drive, started over, and got the same result. Just for kicks, I rebooted, and it was working again. I hate computers...

More weirdness, when you try to check the DMA box for your hard drives and CD-ROM drives in Device Manager, it asks you if you're sure you want to do it, and then it doesn't do it regardless of how you answer. If you try it a second time, it works.

Installed the SoundBlaster Live! card, and that seems to be working okay, but that's as far as I got. Still have to add a NIC, plus FireWire and SCSI cards.

Never did get to the garden. I was going to do it after the ride, but I just didn't feel up to carrying a bunch of bricks around. Maybe tomorrow night. I almost installed the new A/C in the back room, as it was pretty damned hot today, but it cooled off considerably towards evening, and got less humid. It'll have to get it in soon, but that means no other airflow in that room because there's no other window in that room.

There are lots of things I like about my house. Here are three things I hate:

1. Not enough windows on the first floor. There are no windows on the south end of the house. What the frell is up with that? The only window on the north end is the window in the side door. There is no window in the bathroom at all. The only window on the entire floor large enough for an air conditioner is the window in the back room, which is the only window in that room.

2. The kitchen is awful. It's basically a galley, with no room for any kind of table, and although I like the cabinet style, whoever bought them didn't put a lot of thought into their utility. Basically, the only lower cabinet with doors wide enough to put a frying pan into is the cabinet under the sink. Every other unit has a 9" wide door and drawer. There's barely enough room for my flatware. Two of the cabinets are huge, but extend into the corners, with the only access being those teeny doors. I have to store pots and pans in the dining room (aka the office). If I ever do a remodel, I'll start with the kitchen.

3. The house was built on the cheap, and the previous owner didn't keep it up very well. That's one reason I got it so cheap. But this house is only 13 years old, and all the exterior trim is rotting, including the windows. I'm definitely going to have to replace most of the corner boards, and at some point, I should probably replace the two back windows on the first floor. At least the house has a decent paint job now, even if it is only hiding some of the problems.

Enough, time for bed.