June 27th, 2002



Hottest day yet; it was 93° at lunch time. A great day for the nice, hot tomato soup I made. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a sandwich... and eat it in the restaurant. I did manage to do 13 miles on the bike after work, and didn't get rained on. Did a better time than Tuesday, despite a stronger wind, and a humid 84°. I was feeling very strong. Finished one loop at the cemetary, and discovered that I had been tooling along in 3rd on the front sprocket without realizing it, so yay me! The right knee is still stiffening up at the end of the ride. Not sure what to do about that. Probably need to Google.

Jessimoon mentioned a new Google game last night. Enter "Yourname is" in the search field, including the quotes, and see what comes up. You can get some very funny stuff. I put in "Edward is", and got, among others:

Edward Is the Oprah of the Other Side
Edward is a good poker player
Edward is probably the latest of the series (very true - I'm a third)
Edward is conveniently located
Edward is rumored to be on the verge of taking his show to a major network
Edward is a FAKE!!!
Edward Is In Australia
Edward is planning a new seminar tour!
Edward is a vibrant city of 822 people in east-central Nebraska
Edward Is Canada
Edward is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium who can communicate with the world beyond
Edward is confident in his ability and skills to represent the diverse ethnic and multi-cultural needs of his district
Edward is Psychic, Why Didn't He See This Coming?
Edward Is Not Gay!
Edward is very comfortable with gay people
Edward is universally recognised as the leading Direct Sales strategist in the world
Edward is still a person, with a personality, a need to be loved and played with
Edward is very curious about how things work
Edward is truly the best of the best

A lot of this is explained if you remember that "Edward is" will also turn up "John Edward is" and "Prince Edward Is." (Heh!)

A lot of Buffistas were posting their versions. Lots of very funny stuff. Connie noticed that a lot of the "Connie" mentions were about airplanes, and I told her about the Lockheed Constellation, my choice as most beautiful, graceful passenger aircraft ever. Found a great picture of one, which she's now using as her avatar. The Constellation has that graceful curve of the fusilage. I flew in one back in the fifties, on our next-to-last trip to visit the grandparents in Chicago. That was also the last time I ever flew into Midway. The only other passenger plane that comes close to being as attractive is the Boeing 757, which is another graceful looking aircraft, as opposed to the rest of the Commercial fleet.

Oh, yeah, John Entwistle died today. The Who has always been one of my favorite bands, and I loved Entwistle's solo albums, so very bitter yet sometimes hilariously funny. Gonna miss him.

When I'm feeling blue
I stick a pin in the picture of you
Beside my bed and I feel better