July 9th, 2002


All-Stars and Other Stuff

Hot, muggy night. Didn't go for a ride because of threatened thunderstorms, but it turns out I could have. They've only just now gotten here.

The All-Star game is on. The opening ceremonies sucked; the thirty greatest moments in baseball done up in Olympic opening ceremony style. I'd even argue that the 2001 Seattle Mariners season has no business on the list because regardless of how many games they won, they didn't even get to the World Series. Bleah! You've got the best of all the all-star games; you don't need that crap. Introduce the players and play ball. Frelling game didn't even start until after nine. The baseball PTB are just incredibly stupid.

The other sad thing is that I haven't even heard of half of these players. I really need to pay more attention to the game, but now there's a strike looming, so who cares?

I'm also grumpy because some of the Buffistas are bemoaning the fact that they are unmarried and childless at 29 or 30. Jeez, gimme a break. Wait until you're unmarried and childless at 49. Chances are basically zero that I will ever have a child of my own, and given my track record with women, I will most likely die alone. That sucks.

Bitter now...