July 29th, 2002


New Car Smell!

Picked up my new truck tonight. Two surprises - things I didn't notice when I took the test drive. First, it has cruise control. Yay! I didn't notice it because GM puts it on the signal stalk instead of on the wheel as most other makers do. Second, it doesn't have power windows. Hmmm... When I got the Subaru, I wasn't looking for power windows. I thought they'd be a waste of electricity. But I came to like them a lot, especially the ability to open other windows from the driver's seat. Now I'll have to crank 'em. Bother. Such a small thing to be annoyed about. OTOH, working radio/cassette/CD.

Another thing I noticed is that the windscreen is sloped more than on the Sub, and extends much farther out in front of me, so I will not easily be able to reach the spot I would normally put the radar detector. Will have to experiment with positioning it.

Tomorrow, I'll go get a tonneau cover, and start looking into getting a lockable cover. I also need to see how hard it's gonna be to attach my bike rack to it. I may need to get a new rack. Or, you know, throw the bike in the bed...

Meanwhile, I'm dubbing tapes of last week's Farscape ep for a couple of Buffistas. It was a great episode, so I don't mind watching it again. And again.

We're back to the hot, hazy, and humid. It was in the nineties, and the humidity is awful. But at least tomorrow I can drive to work in air-conditioned comfort