September 26th, 2002


It's Volleyball Season!

Volleyball started tonight. So good to be back, since it's been almost a year since I last played a full session. Still there was some trepidation because last year was such a lost cause. Last year started with me at the worst of my problems with the fasciitis in my left foot, and although it didn't bother me while I was actually playing, walking the next morning became a serious problem. I quit going after Thanksgiving, trying to let the foot heal. By April the foot was somewhat better, so I tried to get back into it, but the first time out I managed to pull a groin muscle that I'd never realized I'd had before. Made one more attempt to play a few weeks later, but the same muscle again protested, so I packed it in for the season.

I need to note here that this is not competitive volleyball I'm talking about. This is coed recreational volleyball. Up to forty-two players, split up randomly into five or six teams for the duration of the session. I've been going there now for ten or eleven years, along with most of my local meat-space friends. This is where most of us met (including two marriages within the group), and dinner at Tony's after the session is still our main social event. I missed that closeness terribly last year. I did go to dinner a few times when I didn't play, but it's not quite the same, and I felt a bit like an outsider.

But tonight was great! There were a bunch of new people, and play was a bit ragged as the newbies tried to get used to playing our style, but it was fun. I was on a decent team along with Blake and Marnie, so there were at least a couple of players that I was used to playing with, and I played pretty well, considering how long it's been. Plus, no bizarre muscle pulls, no volleyball elbow, no dislocated fingers. I'm physically tired, but still wide awake on the adrenalin high. The fascia in my left foot are complaining a bit, but we'll see how they feel in the morning. All in all, a good night.
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