October 3rd, 2002


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Volleyball tonight. Did an elaborate tape job on my foot, and so far no pain. We'll see how it feels in the morning. It was mostly regulars tonight (including cute, married crush (CMC)), so the play was a lot less ragged than last week. I played pretty well, but managed to sprain my left index finger trying to stop a shot that was going out of bounds anyway. Damned reflexes. Applied liberal amounts of Bass Ale at Tony's afterward to kill the pain. The fun thing about finger injuries when you play volleyball is that they never heal as long as you keep playing, so there'll be plenty of opportunity for more pain killing in the future. Good fun.

Tomorrow is Blake's birthday, so there was a cake after dinner. There's also a party at Kailash and Alka's new place on Saturday, and Kailash appointed me head of games, meaning I get to bring the volleyball and croquet sets. Heh.

Hadn't seen, or really even thought about, CMC in almost a year, and she's still cute and crushable. On one hand it's a crying shame she turned out to be married, because I do like her a lot. (Truth in reporting here. I didn't know she was married when I met her. She never wears her rings during volleyball.) On the other hand, finding out she was married made most of the crushy feelings disappear, which is a very good thing. Apparently there's some safety valve in my imagination that prevents me from obsessing over obviously lost causes. I am forever grateful for this because I really hate getting crushes. When I'm crushing on someone, there's this constant conflict between the highs of my imagination running wild on how great it would be to be with the person, and the lows of my common sense telling me that there's really no chance of any of that stuff ever coming true. Imagine, crash, repeat. Way too emotionally taxing. Plus I'm getting way too old for this crap.
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