October 18th, 2002


A Meme from orthoepy

Answer these using the lyrics of just ONE band:

1. Are you a male or female?

Well I'm not the world's most masculine man,
But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man,
And so is Lola.

2. Describe yourself:

I got hay fever, blocking up my head,
Hay fever, I ought to be in bed,
How can I dance when I can hardly breathe?
Wish I could cure this infernal allergy.

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Weekly Volleyball Report

Volleyball was weird last night. Given the people on the team, we should NOT have been crushed in our first five games, but we were. Sometimes chemistry doesn't happen. OTOH, when Sarah left for the evening, and Rick took her place, we crushed two of the teams we had been stomped by earlier. Rick is a better player than Sarah, but not that much better.

The reason Rick was available to join us late in the evening was that, as usual, we were packed, and a lot of people were closed out. There's a maximum of forty-two players allowed per night, and he was number forty-four. [Rant starts] The reason we have so many players is that the person who was running a similar program in a neighboring town stopped doing it. A number of the players in that group had originally been with us, but started the new program because they had little patience for inexperienced players, and they didn't like the fact that our group was so open to allowing inexperienced players (e.g. me) to join. So about ten of them left for the greener pastures of their own exclusionary group. Later on, when some of our players tried playing there on one of our off nights, they were asked to leave because they weren't regulars.

When that program ended last year, the prodigals returned, and in the process, a lot of our regulars started getting closed out. That was bad enough, but to make matters worse, these folk are still the most likely to bitch about new, or less than stellar players. To be clear about this, Karch Kiraly has nothing to fear from any of these clowns. Since it's a public recreational league, there's nothing we can do about it, other than perhaps to play so poorly that eventually they'll get fed up. Not likely. [Rant ends]

On the injury front, the foot is fine, but my finger is still sore. I guess I didn't tape it as securely as I did last week, so there were a couple of times when I hit the ball wrong, and it got painful. Not enough to stop me from playing, though. The good news is that I didn't wear knee supports for the first time in a couple of years, and it felt great. I had a mild injury to my left knee about two years ago. Not a sprain, more like tendonitis, which left the knee feeling unstable. There was never really a lot of pain, just making sure, and now it feels normal.
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