October 27th, 2002


Standard Time - Weekend Update

As has been the norm lately, it rained most of Saturday. In fact, it rained so much that I was sore tempted to build an ark. Estimates were three to four inches. URI actually cancelled a football game, because Meade was under water. Fortunately, none of it made it into the basement, so that's something.

I ventured out into the storm at one point to go to the watch hospital in Wakefield to get the batteries replaced in a couple of dead watches. It was closed! The store's hours are now M-F, 9-5. They just don't want my business. Now I have to find a new place, which probably means driving to Providence. Yecch!

Didn't really do anything. I had planned on hitting the bike path this weekend, but yesterday was a washout, and today I felt like crap, so all I did was some tidying around the house. One piece of good news. While picking up stuff in the back room, I tried on some pants that were one waist size too small when I bought them in March, and they fit now. Yay me.

Instead of riding, I've been walking. After the monsoon ended, I took a walk last night up to the bridge. I was worried a bit, because there were some flashes in the sky like lightning, which was odd, because it was beautifully clear out, enough so that you could make out the milky way. When I turned the corner, I saw that the flashes were fireworks. It looked like they were coming from the vicinity of Narragansett beach. It was kind of neat, actually. No noise at all, because they were several miles away, but pretty. Stood on the bridge and watched for awhile. Still don't have any idea why they were shooting off fireworks on October 26.
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