November 3rd, 2002


Dilly, Stop Humping the Baby!

Drove down to NJ this morning for mom's birthday party. I was going to leave last night, but I seem to be getting sick, and I didn't want to head down and be really sick at Bill's. Felt okay this morning, so I went down. The drive down was nice, no real traffic for a change. Party was fun. I got to see my nephew, Charlie, who I haven't seen since he was new-born last Christmas. Didn't hold him, because I was worried about being typhoid Ed. Best moment was SIL's dog Dilly noticing Charlie crawling along and, um, see title...

Coming home was a nightmare. Traffic at the Tappan Zee was backed up to the Parkway. Took 40 minutes to get through that, then another 20 minutes to get through a huge jam just east of New Haven. Meanwhile, I started feeling really awful, coughing most of the way home. It was warm in the truck, and when I finally got home, I started shivering uncontrollably when I stepped out of the truck. It's cold out (high thirties), but not that cold. Turns out I have a mild fever. It's Nyquil for me after I finish watching Angel. Oh, the other thing is that the VCR prayer failed for my copy of Angel. Fortunately, the copy I made for Shrift is good, at least I can watch.
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