December 5th, 2002


Winter Wonderland

Finally got around to watching the easter eggs on the FotR disks. Why didn't anyone tell me that Sarah Michelle Gellar was in one of them? Very odd.

Big snow storm today, big enough that we closed work at four. The pick-up is not nearly as nimble in the snow as the Subaru was. Haven't driven a rear-wheel drive vehicle in seventeen years or so, and I had a four-wheel drive vehicle the last twelve. I probably ought to put some weight in the bed over the rear wheels to get a little more traction.

Ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon last night, some of it Christmas presents, some of it DVDs for me. One huge bit of luck happened. The DVD I most wanted was the new release of The Producers. While I was ordering stuff, I happened to click on my Amazon Gold Box, and the first item that popped up was, of all things, The Producers, for an extra 20% off. Woo, frelling, hoo! By way of comparison, tonight I clicked on my Gold Box, and the first item was a concrete vibrator, so you can see how enormous the coincidence was.

Lots of stuff to do this weekend. I have a secret Santa gift to finish, plus this year's Christmas card to design. Sent a bunch of packages off today - assorted tapes to Bev and Plei, and I gave a CD I didn't much care for to a good home. Still have a couple of more packages waiting to go. Tis the season to go crazy...
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