December 11th, 2002


Give! Give, from the bottom of your heart...

The rest of my '60s comedy film festival has arrived. Woo hoo! Tonight, I watched The Twelve Chairs, Mel Brooks' second (and most obscure) film, for the first time in many, many years. It's still just as good as I remember it. The story revolves around the search for a secret cache of jewels hidden into one of twelve chairs in the post-revolutionary Soviet Union. It really amazes me that it is not more well known, because it is very funny. It is not Blazing Saddles, though, with gag after gag coming at you in rapid succession. The closest similar Brooks film is To Be or Not to Be, which is another movie I like a lot.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to a free preview screening of Star Trek: Nemesis, courtesy of my local comic book store, which is very cool, but it means that The Producers and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World will have to wait until the weekend. I also picked up another DVD this week, a copy of the Burt Reynolds flick, Hooper, at Wal-Mart for five bucks. Five bucks! How can you go wrong?

I've got a lot of my Christmas shopping done. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon, but I've discovered I need to be a tad more careful. I accidently ordered the audio version, instead of the hard cover, of one of the books I wanted. I think I ordered directly from a search result, and just didn't pay attention to what I was actually ordering. Bother. At least I can return it. Meanwhile, I went up to the local B&N looking for a couple of boxed sets, and bought them. Just for the heck of it, I decided to check them out on B&N's on-line store, and discovered that they were each $10 cheaper when ordered on-line, plus no sales tax, plus free shipping. Shazam! I ordered them on-line, and the ones I picked up tonight are going right back.

It's raining and very cold out. The weather has been miserable, and one of the side effects of this is that I haven't been walking at night as I had been. Plus, I'm missing volleyball again tomorrow night because of the movie. Here's hoping the rain washes away the snow, and I can get some decent exercise in this weekend.
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