December 22nd, 2002


The Two Trips... party with Somervillains this weekend.

Friday - Serenity
Friday night was the save Firefly party at Jen's, where we watched "Serenity", and filled out postcards imploring networks execs to pick up the show. My, but it was good. I still have no clue what the network execs at Fox were thinking about when they put this episode on the shelf, and replaced it with "The Train Job", probably the weakest episode of the series. If "Serenity" had been playing in theatres instead of on television, I would have paid to see it more than once. The story was strong, all the characters came off well, and the effects were just great. The sequence near the end when Serenity is being chased by the Reaver ship is so well done that it looks as though the production crew were filming the actual ships flying though the atmosphere. So well done.

And now it's on hiatus, and production has stopped. Sigh.

Saturday - The Two Towers
Loved it. Saw it with Nutty, Connie, and a couple of Connie's friends. We got there early, and hung out a bit, but didn't actually head for our seats until about 20 minutes before showtime, so we wound up sitting in the fourth row from a BIG screen. Very much full immersion, but I had trouble focusing my eyes whenever the scene changed rapidly, mostly during battle scenes, and also on some of the landscape vistas. Still have my free pass from the DVD set, so next time I'll sit a bit further back. OTOH, sitting that close allowed me to get a very good look at Eowyn. Hummina, hummina!

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Anyhow, need to see it again. It's kind of sad not having the DVD yet, so that I could rewatch right now.