December 30th, 2002


Team Foamy

The Somervillains gathered at The Thirsty Scholar last night to celebrate some birthdays and a new job, welcome Cindy into the fold, and to meet special guest star, Allyson, who was back from L.A. visiting her folks. Much fun. We also got to meet vw's younger brother who is very cool. Ellen handed out some cool Christmas presents. I got a couple of very nice pens.

It was trivia night at the bar, so we hung around to play, and kicked ass! We got 128 points out of a possible 132, crushed the opposition (nobody else was within twenty points of us), and won a thirty dollar gift certificate. It was a true team effort, because there were a number of questions that only one person in the group could answer, but it was never the same person. Connie knew Iggy Pop's real name, Jen knew what fennel tasted like, Allyson knew that Michael J. Fox had just gotten a star on the Hollywood Boulevard, and Nutty came up with the biggest save of the night. One round was a countdown, i.e. they gave a series of clues, and your score depended upon how many clues you needed to identify the person being discussed. Plus, if you answered incorrectly, they would deduct five points. Nutty drew upon her extensive knowledge of the life stories of brat pack actors to correctly identify Rob Lowe as the actor who was from Dayton, had gone to high school with Charlie Sheen, and was deaf in one ear. We got the full ten points. Woo hoo!

Today, I'm heading to Manchester to see Tom and the family, where we'll eat ribs, and watch Rosanna Arquette movies. (What? She's a fine actress with a broad range of skills...) Okay, and I'm bringing a couple of other movies so that Tom's DW can watch with us, too. (She rolls her eyes at the mention of Rosanna Arquette. Some people just don't get it...)
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