January 1st, 2003


The Two Towers, Twice

Saw TTT again last night. It was a smaller screen, and we were sitting a bit further back than the first time, so it was easier to take the whole thing in. Also, this time I was watching it while remembering stuff has been discussed on the Phoenix and WX, and looking specifically at things that were sort of bothering me in the recesses of the back of my mind. Collapse )

First Night was fun. There were ice sculptures, some fried dough, and a man impersonating Miss Gulch (from The Wizard of Oz). That last was wickedly funny, showing the, er, softer side of the character. Only downside? Getting home at 2:30 a.m.
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Two resolutions for the coming year. First, I resolve to work on at least one home improvement project each weekend this year. I did this in 2001, and got a lot accomplished until about August, when I managed to get out of the habit. The don't have to be big projects, but there's so much that needs doing, and it hasn't been getting done.

Second I resolve to lose some more weight, and to exercise more. I did a okay job of this in 2002. I lost about 20 pounds this fall, but I still have plenty more that I can stand to lose. Exercise will help. I was doing great with the bike until the heat wave hit in July, and I barely touched the bike after that (only two rides after 7/17). Still had more miles this year than last, but I can do much better. I also began doing a lot of walking this year during the standard time months. My foot healed enough to play volleyball again, too. Unfortunately, all the progress stopped because of the respiratory infection I picked up in November. Lost six weeks of volleyball, and pretty much stopped taking walks. That changes tomorrow night with the first volleyball session of the new year.
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