January 4th, 2003


Resolution Update

Home Improvements: Started building the prototype of the built-in bookcases I'm planning to build for the back room. The back room is currently my bedroom, but when I finish off the attic, it'll be the library, with a futon for guests. It's 11'6" x 10'8", with the doors to the hall and the closet on the north (longer) wall, and the only window on the east (shorter) wall. Here are some pictures of the room. The bookcases will be going on the west wall, so I've got 124" horizontally (128" minus 4" for the baseboard at the south end). Divide that distance into four bookcases, and they are each 31" wide. The ceiling is 93½", so if I make the cases 92½" tall, they should easy enough to swing upright without scraping the ceiling. I'll cover the gap with a crown molding at the end. The cases will be 10" deep.

The cases will be made from the maple/birch faced ¾" plywood that I got at the Depot last week, with a solid maple face frame. If I can find a frelling beading bit at Sears for the shaper head, I'll put a bead detail on the face frame. The backs of the cases will be ¼" beaded birch plywood. The shelves will also be ¾" plywood, with 1" maple facing, rounded over. The shelves will be supported by adjustable brass shelf pins.

I want to build a prototype out of plain old plywood to make sure there's no gotchas before I commit my expensive maple/birch. Rough cut the sides today using my newish circular saw (bought it a few months ago with the Sears gift card Jim gave me for Christmas last year, but this is the first time I've had a chance to use it), and it worked great. I'd fit it with a 40 tooth carbide blade, and it cut through the plywood like butter. I'll trim the sides to the exact width on the table saw tomorrow.

One problem I discovered while cutting the sides is that the ceiling down in the basement is about 6" lower than it is upstairs, which means if I assemble the cases in the basement, I won't be able to stand them up. I'm also worried that I might not be able to make the turn around the pole at the bottom of the stairs without scraping the crap out of the cases. I can cut all the parts in the basement, and assemble them in the living room, I suppose, but I'll have to stain and urethane them up there, too. I can try out the maneuverability with the prototype, but since it's ultimately going to stay in the basement, it has to be shorter than the actual cases. We'll see.

Exercise/Lose Weight: There was no volleyball Thursday night, because school hadn't started back up yet. Damn. Weather's been rainy, so I haven't had a chance to walk, either.

Reading: I need to add one more resolution. I am dismayed by how little I have been reading lately. Since August, I've read one complete novel (Red Rabbit), the second book of The Two Towers, and half of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not acceptable. I have all these unread books, and they're just laying there. So I plan to try to read more, which really means spending less time here on the net late in the evening. We'll see.
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